Treat Untreated Water With Nano Catalytic Instant Water Converter

The Nano catalytic instant water converter acts towards completely changing the physical properties of water. The short this method is known as NCIWC which is actually an on-line catalytic system for water treatment. NCIWC is specially designed as a onetime fixture eligible for performing dual function for scale prevention besides Scale and algae removal, bacteria removal, and bio film without making use of any type of chemicals, filters or salts membranes. It is 100 % friendly towards environment with zero maintenance cost. If you are planning to install this system in your industrial unit where there is availability of good amount of untreated water which is outcome of your manufacturing process then first make an attempt to understand the science which is used to make the system applicable for your use. After treating the water it remains chemically unchanged without losing beneficial minerals present in it, and tastes the same like fresh water. You will not require a separate drinking tap to make use of the water for household needs or drinking purpose. Once the system gets installed the unit will not ask for any type of maintenance at all, as its having a long lifeline.


In case you are looking for the best company which can offer you this treatment it will be advisable for you to bank on the services of the reputed firm in the industry. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed if you check the reputation and experience of the company before availing the services. One of the chosen best companies in the industry is Divyashakthy Softtech. You can speak to the experts of the company to get better idea about the steps or process they follow to install the system in your location. This company is having great name and fame for its quality services.



Effective techniques for Water Scale and algae removal

A water treatment plant is a place where water is treated to make it worthy for the assigned user. Treatment of water is accomplished for various purposes and water treatment plants serving distinctive applications and techniques. There is no such living thing in this world that does not require water. People utilize it much consistently. It is essential to keep up perfect and safe water.

Keeping a water treatment scheme is important. With the assistance of technology, we can now tackle issues in regards to water. If you are looking for guaranteed service on the installation of water treatment service, you should look for a qualified specialist organization. Wide range of companies offering this water treatment service, you can visit online or personally go to their office for your inquiry.

One of the simplest ways to enhance the nature of your water is to introduce a water softener. Water Softener is a gadget that lessens the nature of a variety of minerals in water making it appropriate for drinking and for different purposes of water.

It is beneficial in reducing the level of hardness. At present time eco-friendly scale prevention devices and method are available. Nano Catalytical Instant Water Converter (NCIWC) is one of more effective water treatment techniques. Water treatments is necessary for each area like construction area, industrial sector, agriculture area and domestics purpose if  ph, salt level and other factor are excess it generate new problems in the  future. Water Scale and algae removal is important because pressure and flow of water will be affected due to this cause. NCIWC technology provides a permanent solution for these kinds of problem.

Water softener for home and Industry

Water is an imperative resource. Actually, we can’t live without it and other living things. There are various types of water softeners being utilized at home and the greater part of which are intended to dispose of the bacterial contaminants in water. These devices are extremely useful particularly when you’re discussing the impacts of drinking water to our health.

There are two category of water: hard and soft, both of which have especially different properties. Hard water contains broke up minerals, which gives it a particular taste. Many individuals are compelled to utilize hard water on every single day. There are various modest and effective methods for softening hard water before utilizing it and distinctive water softening frameworks that are accessible.

Hardwater to softwater NCIWC.jpg

A water softener alone may not generally be the solution for each water treatment issue. There are water issues, for example, high iron substance, hydrogen sulfide, low PH, diverse sorts of iron and a heap of other water related issues that may require extra water treatment to appropriately treat the water and give your home and family quality water.

With the best possible water treatment solution, yearly water testing and preventive support you can expect numerous times of delicate, adapted water which makes your grand slam all the more proficiently and enhances the nature of living.

Water descaling unit can replace your hard water with almost no exertion. The cost is significantly not as much as a regular water softener and and much easier to install. Water descaling unit is designed by Divya shakthy soft tech according to the prerequisites of the Customer.